Frequently Asked Questions


Who owns The Beer Store?

Ontario’s breweries own and operate The Beer Store, and ownership is open to all Ontario-based breweries. Currently, there are 30+ shareholders in The Beer Store. The Beer Store operates entirely on a break-even cash flow basis with all brewers paying the same fees.

Lower rates are available for small brewers, and small brewers are allocated a minimum of 20% retail shelf space, with expanded access to marketing opportunities to help develop the Ontario beer market.

Why is The Beer Store more efficient than other delivery systems?

In short — extremely low overhead costs. Ontario's breweries pay among the lowest per-unit retail costs in the country, and that translates into lower prices for consumers.

The Beer Store’s low overhead costs are achieved through centralized distribution and economies of scale. There are fewer trucks transporting much larger volumes of beer to each store. Each store also has significantly higher sales volumes than a typical convenience store or private liquor store, keeping costs down.

The Beer Store’s integrated container recycling program — arguably the most efficient and successful in the world — also significantly lowers costs to consumers. The Beer Store recycles 87% of the beer containers sold in Ontario.

How many people work at The Beer Store?

More than 7,000 hard-working Ontarians are employed by The Beer Store. These are well-paid, full- and part-time jobs.

Who is involved in making this website?

This website was developed by Canada's National Brewers, the national trade association representing brewers with manufacturing operations across the country, including Labatt and Molson.

What is the purpose of this website?

To provide Ontarians with the facts about beer prices in the province and how different sales models have impacted other jurisdictions.

Where did you get your facts from?

The information on this website is derived from two key research reports which can be accessed on our research tab.

What is Canada's National Brewers?

Established in 2005, Canada's National Brewers represents two domestic brewers (Labatt and Molson) who collectively produce approximately 80% of all beer brewed in Canada. Canada's National Brewers represents these brewers on a wide range of public policy, regulatory affairs, community interest and public image issues including a broad range of government and public affairs issues affecting the beer industry such as alcohol taxation, environmental regulations, and laws and regulations affecting the advertising, promotion, retailing and distribution of alcohol.