Taxes are the main driver of Ontario consumer beer prices.

Before tax, Ontario has among the lowest beer prices in Canada. That's thanks to the efficiency of The Beer Store system which keeps prices down. When you factor in taxes, that's when things change.


tax increases on beer
in Ontario since June 21, 2004

A white arrow pointing up with the text 367%.

higher taxes in Ontario
than New York

Taxes on a case of 24 cans:

Line illustration of a six-pack of bottled beer.


more taxes on beer in Ontario than in Quebec.

Comparing beer prices across Canada

Ontario has among the lowest beer prices in Canada. Take a look at what people in other provinces are paying.

The average prices shown are for standard cases of mainstream brands like Coors Light and Budweiser in 24-packs of cans or bottles, whichever was cheaper, in January 2019.

The Beer Store system keeps prices down despite high taxes thanks to the efficiency of the system. Provinces like Alberta with privatized systems cost consumers more.

Beer store facts


more volume than Quebec convenience stores.