Make your voice heard: the government is considering changes to how beer is sold that could increase prices and put Ontarians out of work.

Changing how beer is sold will increase prices and hard-working Ontarians could lose their jobs through no fault of their own. We've developed a guide to help you complete the survey to ensure your voice is heard. Click below to open the survey and follow along. We've provided some important information to assist you in completing the survey.


Q1: About You

The public have been specifically invited to make your views know. Make sure you indicate that you're a consumer or someone who works in the industry. It’s important that the government knows the beer-buying public is making its voice heard.

If you're uncomfortable with identifying yourself, you can also select "Prefer Not to Say".

Q2 & Q3: How the System Is Working

Make sure that you check off The Beer Store as one of the items important to you - otherwise your feedback may not be categorized correctly.

When answering - think about your experience at The Beer Store. In the next step you'll be able to share your own thoughts about how or if the system can be improved.

Q4: Make your voice heard

This is your opportunity to let the government know changing how beer is sold will impact you. Here's some things to think about when writing your answer:

  • Changing how beer is sold will lead to higher prices for consumers.The Beer Store system keeps prices down thanks to its efficient distribution system.
  • Provinces with private stores, like Alberta, have much higher prices than Ontario.
  • Employees of The Beer Store are unionized and have good wages & benefits. Big box stores and convenience store employees are often paid less, and often don't have pensions. Ontarians need good jobs.

Q5, Q6, Q7: Retail changes

It’s important to let the government know how well The Beer Store system works. When answering these questions remember:

  • Adding more locations or retail stores will reduce the efficiency of our system.
  • Private retailers and grocery stores often pay their employees far less than Beer Store employees.

If you think our system works well now – look for the ‘No changes are required’ box in Question 6.

That's it. Feel free to complete the rest of the survey and share your personal thoughts on the rules around alcohol consumption in Ontario.

It's important to spread the word with your friends about the risk to beer prices and jobs in Ontario. Head back to the action center for more ways you can make your voice heard.

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