The government wants to change how beer is sold in Ontario.

And that could lead to higher prices job losses runaway costs

Get the facts.

Changing how beer is sold won't fix
the real issue in Ontario — high taxes.

Before tax, Ontario has among the lowest beer prices in Canada. That's thanks to the efficiency of The Beer Store system that's been serving Ontarians for nearly 100 years and keeping prices low despite high taxes.

Take action and email your local MPP.

Let the government know you want them to address the real issue and lower taxes on beer for the people in Ontario.

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    Taxes keep


    tax increases on beer in Ontario in Ontario since June 21, 2004.

    Quebec's beer is cheaper.

    Why? Lower taxes.


    more tax on beer in Ontario than Quebec.

    It's even cheaper in
    New York.


    higher taxes in Ontario than New York.

    The Facts on Beer

    We sent Glenn Howard — four-time world curling champion and Beer Store manager from Midland, Ontario — on a mission to get the facts on beer and see how Ontario compares to other jurisdictions. Select a video to see what he discovered.




    New York




    New York

    Comparing beer prices across Canada

    Ontario has among the lowest beer prices in Canada.

    The Beer Store system keeps prices down despite high taxes thanks to the efficiency of the system. Provinces like Alberta with privatized systems cost consumers more.

    The average prices shown are for standard cases of mainstream brands like Coors Light and Budweiser in 24-packs of cans or bottles, whichever was cheaper in December.